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Based on certified translators,  quality standards, and knowledge of the hispanic community

In order to achieve a quality product, the process starts with a careful adaptation of the content to the linguistic and cultural content, taking into account technical standards, style requirements and expectations and demands of the target market or region to which it is addressed.

Each phase is carried out by a team of certified translators, and professional staff to deal with every aspect of the translating process, such as graphic design, and/or necessary tools, for translating web sites.

A thorough QA process is in place, to meet the highest standards in the text content, graphic design or web site translations, assuring that:
  • Text content and graphic components correctly  cover linguistic and cultural requirements.
  • For web site translations, the components that include scripting (Javascript, Php, Perl, Asp, databases, etc.) are adapted and keep consistency with the final product.
  • The page format is compatible with the original graphic structure.
Once a job is requested a team of professionals is assigned, including:

  • Translators
  • QA Supervisors
  • Graphic designers or web programmers (if needed)
  • Point of Contact

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